about those trader joe's turkey burgers - a compare and contrast review

A little while ago, dabroots was greedily chowing down on some leftover turkey burgers from Trader Joe's. He had some for dinner night before last night and put two more, already cooked, onto a plate and the third shelf of the Frigidaire. So, this morning, he was apparently feeling a bit peckish after walking home from leaving the Grand Am at Monro Muffler for an oil change, and that led him to haul those cold burgers out to the living room. There he sat, wolfing them down like a goddamned dog, and there I sat, begging. Finally, he started tearing off bits of them for me, and luckily he saw fit to not include parts from the tops or bottoms that had hot sauce poured onto them. Yeah, those crumbles were pretty good, but still nothing compared to Trader Joe's Cat Food, coming from either the bag--which is wonderfully crunchy and satisfying--or from the cans, of which I prefer the seafood variety, and that's totally more to my tastes. Bottom line: Stick with the cat food because it comes out of a can or a bag with JOE very clearly printed onto it.

rumors bring out my love

I heard my human foster brother N telling dabroots about another cat, one who lives in a garage in a fancy neighborhood. The owners of that garage are looking for a real home for that cat. N wants Dad to go look at that cat, with the idea of possibly bringing him home here to our place. With that in mind, I have been very affectionate over the past 48 hours, including a little trick of sitting on dabroots' lap and resting my chin on his thumb, purring heavily. I'm pulling out all the stops.

Tell dabroots to wear pants!

Would all of you please drop a note to dabroots and tell him to wear pants at all times? I mean, what am I to do for a lap if his legs are bare? Sitting on naked skin would be just plain wrong. Sure, he can be naked in the shower, but no where else. When I walk up to him and I'm all ready to settle in, but see nothing between him and me, I turn up my nose and issue forth a little sound of protest, but it seldom does any good. So, yeah, help a a guy out.

TJ's Roasted Gorgonzola Flavored Oven Crisp Crackers better than TJ's Premium Dry Cat Food!

Sure, I spend several minutes a day with my face in a bowl of Trader Joe's Premium Dry Cat Food, but light years beyond it are Trader Joe's Roasted Gorgonzola Flavored Oven Crisp Crackers. More specifically, it's the residue from the crackers that I truly enjoy. After dabroots has stuffed handfuls of said crackers into his face, what I really love is licking the tiny crumbs and cheesy goodness off his fingers and, at least as long as he retains at least some facial hair, also out of his whiskers--that avenue of consumption is the best. Just sayin'!

the quality of water

You know, I'm usually happy as a clam to drink water from that nice bowl on the floor, especially when it's cool and fresh. Sometimes, though, there's nothing that'll beat licking some of that very special water from the leg of a human, just as he's stepped from the shower on a beautiful spring day.


Okay, people.

Time to get my foster father (don't EVEN ask about my birth father), dabroots into gear about getting a member of my own species here to be my companion.

Seriously, does he really want me to keep chewing on his Achilles tendons, biting his arms, etc., out of sheer frustration? I mean, crap, I'm bored out of my mind. What does he expect?

Pittsburgh is cool, I think. Haven't seen much of it, but I have a few great views. Out the front I can see hills, other houses, humans walking down the street, birds sitting on telephone wires, cars. etc. Out another, I get closeup view of pigeons. Quite a little clique they've got going, out there. Out the back, I see more birds, other buildings, and an occasional squirrel on the fire escape.

I mean, heck, at this point I'd even be happy if dabroots would just bring an occasional human female back here. I could sniff her woman parts, maybe even occasionally sink my claws into her bare ass if things get really interesting. Plus, she could pet me, coo at me, and pay long-due compliments.