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Life and Passions of Joe The Cat

A Feline Journal

Joe The Cat
2 March
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I am the foster son of dabroots. For the first few months of my life, I lived in tall grass behind dabroots's former residence on Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn. One day in Spring 2001, I was rescued--along with my three siblings--from forementioned yard by Magdalena ___________, a very cool artist woman who lived next door to dabroots. It so happened that right around the day that I was rescued, that dabroots had just had his beloved cat of many years, one White Boy, euthanized due to a fatal and debilitating illness. It so happened that on his arrival back at his residence after having White Boy "put to sleep" (ahem), that Magdalena was standing out in front of dabroots's apartment building, smoking a cigarette and holding me and one of my sisters. Dad (aka dabroots) was taken aback at the offer made to him by Magdalena of a fresh young kitten. Magdalena, you see, had no idea that Dad had just lost a beloved feline companion of many years. Dad explained the situation and Magdalena knew that it was meant to be. dabroots explained that he would certainly like one, but that his young son, soon known to me as my big brother, N., would like to make the choice of kittens. Two days later, Dad brought N. by and--of course--the little blonde boy chose me over my sister. That's how it all started. And here I am. (I hated Lubbock, Texas, too, btw.)
achilles tendons, asses of visiting women, beds, birds, bunnies, cats, challenges, chicken, cool porcelain, cool stainless steel sinks, cool tile, dust bunnies, food, grooming, high places, high windows, laps, leaning against power strips, licking, live plants, long naps, low windows near foliage, mysterious movements under sheets, open windows, pressing buttons, sardines, scenic views, scratching, sleeping, small dogs, sniffing, sofas, squirrels, stretching, timid mice, tortilla chips, tuna, warm computer monitors, warm televisions, watching people shower, water